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Welcome to Herman & Associates Children's Therapy (Formerly Herman and Associates Pediatric Specialists) providing Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. We hope you find our web site informative and useful in your search for information about our therapists, our facility and our services.

Herman & Associates Children's Therapy Speech Pathology, directed by Jeffrey Herman, Ed.D,CCC-SLP, employs a staff of more than 40 therapists and support personnel in the areas of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. We are also supported by the service of graduate interns from 3 universities, as well as by Florida Hospital.


Our Mission

Herman & Associates Children's Therapy is a private practice providing services to individuals of all ages with communication and/or physical disorders. Our organization consists of licensed professionals from a variety of backgrounds who share a common philosophy of client-centered treatment when it comes to serving those who need to improve their ability to communicate. We feel that the abilities to communicate and use language are the focal point of human existence and that language is the most complicated and important skill that a human can possess. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and they are all different. The child who has difficulty coping in one area of life can adversely affect his entire world. This is especially true when that difficulty is in the area of communication.

At Herman & Associates Children's Therapy, we look at the whole child and tailor our broad base of therapeutic services to his or her needs, rather than try to fit them into a prescribed model. People who have difficulty expressing their thoughts in spoken words or who are not able to absorb information accurately through listening and reading are almost certain to experience difficulties in their academic and social learning in school and in the community. It is our goal to help those individuals to maximize their communication, physical and cognitive abilities through a variety of effective, meaningful, and innovative therapeutic techniques.




Our Services

Herman & Associates Children's Therapy provides individual or group therapy on-site at our office for speech, physical and occupational therapy for ages birth to 21 years of age. We provide ST, OT, and PT in the child's natural environment. (home, daycare, etc.) Under special circumstances we will treat individuals who exceed 21 years of age. We also provide individual therapy for learning-disabled youngsters and offer academic assistance.

Herman & Associates Children's Therapy (Formerly Herman and Associates Pediatric Specialists) works closely with many Central Florida Physicians, as well as CMS's Early Steps program that serves infants and toddlers birth to age three. Early Steps provides families and caregivers with services to enhance their child's development. There is no charge for Early Steps services. Charges will be covered by insurance or Medicaid when applicable. Please go here for further information, or call Herman & Associates Children's Therapy at 407-898-5060.

Speech Therapy

The Speech/Language Pathologist provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment to improve speech and language for your child.

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Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapist designs programs that facilitate normal development of fine, gross, sensory motor skills & more.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy protocols are designed to help maximize functional ability, eliminate or decrease pain, increase strength, endurance & more.

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Martial Arts For Autism Spectrum

Autism spectrum disorders ( ASD) are pervasive developmental disabilities. They affect approximately 1 out of ever 68 children and are characterized by severe, moderate, and sometimes mild pervasive impairment. The impairments affect social interaction, verbal and non – verbal communication and purposeful movement. Individuals with ASD exhibit emotional outbursts and involuntary movement such as hand flapping, excessive walking, body rocking, etc.

There has been an explosion in research recently regarding the use of “special” martial arts programs to help children with autism. There is empirical evidence to support the efficacy of martial arts on social interaction skills, and improving maladaptive behaviors.

According to recent systematic review, findings are encouraging and are in support of various types of exercise interventions improving the behavioral outcomes (e.g., cognition, attention, social-emotional functioning, decreasing purposeless movements, and improving visual and auditory processing skills.) Exercises such as horseback riding, swimming, dance, art therapy, yoga and martial arts have been shown to improve behavior and reduce stereotypy. Recent research suggests that martial arts interventions may produce the greatest benefit for individuals with autism.

Please watch our video of one young adult with ASD and see how martial arts has improved his visual, auditory and motor memory and increased his ability to follow directions and produce purposeful movements. There has been amazing progress in verbal and receptive language since beginning this program as well. More information to come regarding martial arts and its effect on children and young adults with ASD.

Insurance Plans We Accept

Please call the office to find out what insurances we accept.

Dr. Herman is a former Vietnam veteran and has served with the United States Coast Guard for over 25 years. He is still currently serving with the Department of Homeland Security as a voluntary member and would like to reach out to all military members. We at Herman & Associates Children's Therapy would like to extend a special thanks to all military members for their service and to ensure that we will do our best to see that all your needs are met when it comes to occupational, speech or physical therapy for your children.

If you have any questions for Dr. Herman please visit our website and click on Contact and he will respond as quickly as possible.

Our Staff

The following therapists are our lead therapists for speech, occupational and physical therapy. In addition to our lead therapists we currently employee 35 additional, highly trained speech, occupational, and physical therapists as well as physical, occupational, and speech assistants. Early Intervention specialists provide additional services for our 0-3 population.

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